• 24Jan

    dsc_2965ismall.JPGAs I didn’t hear the forecast, I was amazed to wake up this morning to that lovely padded silence and whiteness of sky that can only mean one thing… SNOW. I’ve always loved snow and just want to run out to play and take photographs as soon as it arrives, which hasn’t been often in recent years round here.

    I was so afraid it was going to start melting that I quickly grabbed my warm stuff and went outside with the macro lens. Our garden is quite a haven for wildlife anyway so it was interesting to look at the different footprints around – one photo below shows some rabbit-like prints and didn’t know we had any hopping around us!

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  • 22Jan
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    I can not wait to see this film which has had its release date set back and back because it wasn’t well received at the Venice Film Festival last year! It is out on the 26th January at last.

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  • 22Jan
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    Went to see this film yesterday afternoon… I spent the second half permanently wiping tears from my eyes!! It was beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted and extremely touching. RenĂ©e Zellweger never ceases to surprise me, here she was looking all ruddy complexioned and outdoorsy with a perfect English accent, not a hint of Texan. Ewan McGregor was also brilliant as her publisher. Read more »

  • 17Jan
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    Started taking this Seven Seas tonic a few days ago as have had difficulty shaking off the flu bug we both had over Christmas. Don’t know if it’s psychological but am feeling much better and perkier now! Read more »

  • 17Jan
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    Thought I’d share this recipe as it was easy and yummy! I’m not one to often follow set recipes but it’s something I’m going to do more this year – less frozen/ready meals and more fish and vegetable dishes using fresh and organic ingredients is my aim. Read more »

  • 16Jan
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    The other photographs taken today can be found by clicking the “read more” links below, but this one should be right here on the front page I think!