• 08Jan
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    Olivia gave me this idea after reading her blog entry on 27th November – thanks Liv!

    A: Animal in The Muppet Show
    B: Bon Jovi and bananas
    C: cinema
    D: dalmatians
    E: Eddie Izzard (I liked him first!!)
    F: faith
    G: green issues, the colour being my favourite too
    H: horticulture…. well gardening anyway
    I: Italy
    J: John & Joan Cusack
    K: kingfishers
    L: Limoncello liqueur and lemons
    M: Marmite
    N: Neil Pearson
    O: oval alberts (biscuits) because I love the name
    P: photography
    Q: quizzes
    R: Rachel Weisz
    S: snow, sunflowers and the seaside
    T: Tim (hubby)
    U: Under the Tuscan Sun (one of my favourite films)
    V: velvet
    W: wolves
    X: xtreme sports (that’s watching them not doing them)
    Y: Yello
    Z: the zoo

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