• 08Jan

    Does January have to be like this? Looking out the window all I can see are grey clouds and rain… and guys fitting new windows in the house opposite, poor them! When the start of January was cold but with blue sunny skies I had high hopes, this dark wetness depresses everyone.

    Still, must be positive and I’m drinking some strong coffee to help give me a buzz at the moment. I do have lots of positivity to start the new year and it looks like being an eventful one here with us moving at least once. It’s also likely Tim’s Mum will be moving at least once too!!

    Whilst writing I’m also putting music on the computer so eventually we’ll have all the music we want on hand by using our lovely Squeezebox which I can’t praise highly enough. Along with Pandora it’s given me a new passion for music and helped me discover lots of new sounds. How did we ever manage without it. Never enjoyed radio stations with annoying DJ’s and advert breaks but that was the best way of hearing new stuff previously.

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