• 05Feb
    Just returned from a very enjoyable and relaxing week in North Devon and realised afresh how much I miss living by the sea. Last year we did little travelling so this break was very welcome and appreciated by us both. We stayed at Instow, a little village on the River Torridge lying between Barnstaple and Bideford. I used to live in Westward Ho! and go through Instow every day by bus on the way to work, always liked the atmosphere of the place very much.

    We stayed at a cottage in Bath Terrace, overlooking the riverfront and beach. It was great to wake up and look out on such a lovely view across to Appledore. After having snow here the previous week we packed warm clothes and expected the worst but were very lucky with the weather – it drizzled on us only once, on the beach, and the only time I felt the cold was at Fremington Quay where the wind was biting.

    There have been a few changes since our last trip down about 4 years ago. Mostly these were in Westward Ho! where there are now some incredibly out of character flat developments, both finished and in process, along the seafront. I was all for seeing some changes there but these are hideous and not in keeping at all. I understand that one lot of flats in the town itself, a particular eyesore, are mostly unoccupied due to the price and/or fact that they don’t look desirable. What Westward Ho! does have is one of the best stretches of beach around and we did a lot of walking along the sands and on nearby Northam Burrows.


    Appledore is lovely with it’s tiny streets of brightly painted houses. I was only disappointed that some of the galleries were closed during the week, understandable in January I suppose. We had a lovely meal in The Beaver Inn where the fish is so fresh it tastes like it just jumped out the sea. Barnstaple was a maze at first sight with the new road developments around the bridge and Sticklepath Hill but the town was reassuringly unchanged.

    We’ve been experimenting with a new gallery where you’ll find some photos from our trip. To go there, either click on the pics above or those on the sidebar of the main page. You can leave comments on photos as well as on any posts… both of which are encouraged 🙂

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