• 05Feb
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    fashion-cartoon.pngWhen you haven’t seen an old family friend for a long time and the first thing they say to you is “can I just say one thing, you have put on weight” it doesn’t fill you with joy and confidence! She did say I looked good for it but that was probably just to soften the blow, ha ha.

    One innocent comment like that is enough to have me running for the scales and buying rabbit food. June, bless her, does speak her mind and not always with regard to how it might make you feel but, still, I decided the truth of the matter is I have indeed gained some pounds over the past year. I do have an excuse really, I had a bad shoulder injury which rendered me inactive for most of 2006, but now recovered I really must get fit and slim down a bit.

    There is never any point starting a diet in January with all that leftover food, especially chocolate, but that has dwindled and my feeling of wanting to hibernate for winter has also passed. I thought putting my intention here would be a good beginning, although I’ve drawn the line at actually saying how much I weigh, too much information I think! Tim and I also plan to start jogging and I am going swimming – I know the bigger part of losing weight successfully for me anyway is exercise as I don’t normally eat excessively or too unhealthily. Wish me luck! I’m now going out to buy lots of healthy food.

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