• 26Apr
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    music_clip_art3.jpgI’ve decided to add a music category because there has been so much fantastic music floating around in my head recently. I seem to have discovered a lot of artists new to me that I absolutely love and our CD collection is growing bigger by the week now. Read more »

  • 26Apr
    Categories: Photography Comments Off on Recognition at last!

    I just had an email from someone wishing to purchase two of my photographs. What a great feeling to know they will be hanging on someone’s wall in Cardiff soon! Such lovely comments she made too, isn’t it nice to be appreciated. It certainly spurs me on to get out with the camera more.

    I put a gallery page on Photobox ages ago which hasn’t been updated recently but seems it is still looked at. Perhaps I should put a few recent pics there, as well as on Flickr which I am using now and finding great fun. Photobox is the site we use for printing photos – can not fault them, great prices, excellent quality and super fast turnaround.

  • 05Apr

    mark_colour_vertical.JPGSince writing about traffiking within the chocolate industry last month I’ve become even more aware that fairly traded produce is now more widely available in supermarkets. I have swapped to buying these products wherever possible, particularly bananas, coffee and chocolate. I’m proud of the fact that I gave up eating any chocolate which is not marked with the Fairtrade logo since reading of the associations with slavery and have stuck to it – and I love chocolate. I could no longer eat it with a clear conscience… that is just me, I know most people won’t feel that strongly and accept that. Read more »