• 05Apr

    mark_colour_vertical.JPGSince writing about traffiking within the chocolate industry last month I’ve become even more aware that fairly traded produce is now more widely available in supermarkets. I have swapped to buying these products wherever possible, particularly bananas, coffee and chocolate. I’m proud of the fact that I gave up eating any chocolate which is not marked with the Fairtrade logo since reading of the associations with slavery and have stuck to it – and I love chocolate. I could no longer eat it with a clear conscience… that is just me, I know most people won’t feel that strongly and accept that.

    I was feeling so incensed after reading the traffiking information that I emailed some of my friends who I regularly send forwards and jokes to. The email was purely informative, suggesting they visit the site if they were interested…. I had only one response and that was an incredibly emotive one basically telling me not to be so stupid, her doing without her Mars bar was not going to make any difference. I probably asked for it but it still upset me. Personally I think we CAN, each and every one of us, make a difference if we take responsibility for our actions, the things we buy, the way we live, leading by example. It was like a guy on TV the other day saying he was still going to take his long haul flight on holiday because his plane was going anyway!?

    “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mohandas Gandhi

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  • Elizabeth Gilhuly Says:

    Hi there,

    I too am guided by the Gandhi quote.

    Do not get upset or allow people to deter you from that which you believe in. I certainly don’t and I’ve mountains to climb in order to organize the Coalition or Network that I’m looking to achieve. See my group: http://www.fairtrade.meetup.com/3

    I can’t stand to see people suffering and that is why the mission of Fair Trade or Fairtrade has empowered me. As a matter of fact, I do think people such as you and I can make a difference. If there is no one to speak out against injustice–it will continue.

    Like I say to people when voting time comes around—either you can cast one more vote to the campaign you believe in or you can give them nothing.

    I always give my one vote–because it is mine–to that which I believe in.

    Elizabeth Gilhuly
    Washington DC Fair Trade Coalition