• 26Apr
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    music_clip_art3.jpgI’ve decided to add a music category because there has been so much fantastic music floating around in my head recently. I seem to have discovered a lot of artists new to me that I absolutely love and our CD collection is growing bigger by the week now.

    My musical tastes had got a bit jaded up until the end of last year. I’ve always played a lot of 80’s sounds, fairly pop-y stuff, a few older bands such as The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac plus a select few rock groups, my absolute favourite being Bon Jovi. In January I wrote a brief entry about discovering Pandora and using the Squeezebox to find new music. It really has opened up a wealth of different genres which I’ve realised I enjoy – world music, folk, tango, synthpop and some that are so kooky they defy categorisation. I also listen to Last FM now which again helps you to discover new artists similar to those you already like and a lot more besides if you want to really get into it. There are so many “online communities” that you could spend more time in those than in your own real world one, scary huh!!

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