• 18May
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    deniro_paci88610837.jpgI was thrilled to read that Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are to star together in another film – this will be only the second time they’ve appeared on screen together which seems unbelievable.

    The first occasion was for the 1995 film “Heat” in which they only shared two scenes. They were in both in The Godfather Part II but their characters never met on screen. It will be fantastic to see these truly great actors of our time appearing together throughout a film. According to Variety Magazine the crime thriller will be called “Righteous Kill” in which they will play two police investigators hunting a serial killer. Let’s hope the script can rise to this monumental task!

  • 18May

    goldblendhalfcafflogo.jpgI saw this advertised on TV yesterday and wondered if they were having a laugh. Who came up with this idea? Is it Half Caff or Half De-Caff?? Why not buy a jar of the full and a jar of the decaffeinated coffee and use half a teaspoon of each? It uses pure water – does this indicate that the other coffees in their range don’t? There are also not one but TWO new half caff coffees to choose from, either “Original Half Caff” or “Gold Blend Half Caff”.

    Aren’t we spoilt for choice and baffled enough by the range and labelling of products already? Come on, isn’t this going a wee bit too far. Read more »

  • 10May
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    Tori Amos was on Graham Norton’s show tonight, very impressive performance of “Bouncing Off Clouds” at the end.  Certainly an unusual woman, just love her style and kookiness.  She has created 5 different personas for her latest album “American Girl Posse” and decided which one should perform each song depending on the style of the track.  Apparently these women have the characteristics of different Greek Gods, but not the names, which are Tori, Clyde, Pip, Isabel and Santa.  Interesting idea but I wonder how she performs them live, a lot of costume changes required!