• 18May

    goldblendhalfcafflogo.jpgI saw this advertised on TV yesterday and wondered if they were having a laugh. Who came up with this idea? Is it Half Caff or Half De-Caff?? Why not buy a jar of the full and a jar of the decaffeinated coffee and use half a teaspoon of each? It uses pure water – does this indicate that the other coffees in their range don’t? There are also not one but TWO new half caff coffees to choose from, either “Original Half Caff” or “Gold Blend Half Caff”.

    Aren’t we spoilt for choice and baffled enough by the range and labelling of products already? Come on, isn’t this going a wee bit too far. Nescafé’s web site describes these new blends thus:

    When you choose NESCAFÉ Decaff, you don’t need to compromise on taste, as NESCAFÉ Decaff gives you all the great taste and rich aroma you’d expect from NESCAFÉ but without all the caffeine.

    NESCAFÉ Decaff comes in 2 variants: NESCAFÉ Original Decaff and NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Decaff, so you can enjoy the same great taste but just without the caffeine.

    NESCAFÉ offers you the most choice in instant coffee and with the launch of Half Caff there is even more to choose from. Half Caff is the first mid-caffeinated coffee in the UK and there are two to choose from, Original Half Caff and Gold Blend Half Caff. Both have the same great taste as the caffeinated product with half the caffeine.

    Half Caff offers you even more choice to suit your lifestyle and ensure your coffee moment is the same as you’ve always enjoyed from NESCAFÉ.

    What does “even more choice to suit your lifestyle” actually mean, seems to me someone has too much time on their hands or are we really falling for all this?

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