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    I have to mention the inefficiency of this company, they don’t know the meaning of the words “customer service” and are the worst service provider we’ve ever dealt with. Tim has spent far too much time over the past month on the phone to them, trying to get some service, and both of us have spent nearly as much time trying (and failing) to watch the On Demand or Freeview programmes.

    We’ve had no On Demand service for 3 weeks and are not even one step closer to resolving it or getting an engineer to call! Tim has previously written about it on his page. I can’t help feeling that if we accept this abominable service and keep paying them, it will never be resolved and they will treat every customer this way.

    Below is the letter being sent to Virgin Media’s complaints dept today (names have been removed to protect the guilty!). It probably won’t do any good as they are not regulated by anyone for their TV service — but what more can we do? Surely time is too valuable to be spent this way so perhaps the lesson is to stop watching TV altogether then!!

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to complain about the appalling level of customer service your company provides and to demand a refund.

    When the Sky channels were removed from your service I was loyal enough to Virgin not to switch to Sky – but only just. A lot of your customers are in the same position and we all expect you to be doing all you can to retain the ones who did not switch. Instead, we are being driven away by empty promises and disappointments. Here is my experience of your customer service :-

    1. Some time in April or May I reported a minor fault with the digital TV set-top box and was told that an engineer would call me back within the week. No such call was ever made.

    2. On Tuesday July 3rd I reported a major fault with the digital TV set-top box, in particular that the “On Demand” service is not working at all. I was told the issue would be “escalated” and that an engineer would call me back by close of business Monday July 9th. No such call was ever made.

    3. On Monday July 9th I phoned customer support to ask why I had not been called back as promised. I spoke to ***, who told me that she would “escalate” the issue (of my not being called back) to her manager, ***, and that this manager would personally call me back within 2 working days, or “at the latest” by close of business on Thursday July 12th. No such call was ever made.

    4. On Thursday July 12th, I phoned the faults line to ask why I had not been called back a second time. I spoke to ***, who explained that the reason I had not been called was that more information was needed(!) by the 2nd level team. During the call I recited the same error code and pieces of information that I had originally provided on the 3rd. ***’s manager, ***, personally assured me that I would receive a follow-up call from the 2nd level team about the technical problem by Sunday evening. I expressed my scepticism at this but was told to “trust [him]”. No such call was ever made.

    During the call of Monday July 9th I was assured that I will get a refund for the loss of service, starting from 3 days after the fault was reported and continuing until the problem is fixed. I’ve been told that a refund will be made once the problem is fixed. I am not satisfied with this because there seems to be no effort to fix it. In the meantime I am paying for a service which is not being provided and this is not acceptable.

    To be absolutely clear, here are the actions I expect from you:

    As the technical problem concerning “On Demand” is not fixed, and no effort is being made to change this, I would like you to stop charging me for the “TV Size: XL” service, back-dated to July 6th, but continue to provide me with the digital channels I am receiving.

    I would like you to provide a written explanation of why I have been repeatedly lied to by your staff, most recently by ***, and what steps you are taking to rectify this.

    Update: Wednesday 15th August 2007

    I didn’t expect so many comments in response to my post, at 20 so far I can see I’m certainly not the only one disgusted with Virgin’s service! If you have a complaint I would suggest you write to the address below which is where our response, and eventual refund for loss of service, came from…. and good luck to you all!!

    Customer Loyalty & Resolution Manager
    Virgin Media
    PO Box 333
    Matrix Court
    SA7 9BB

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  • Virgin Media Engineer Says:

    Hello there, I work for Virgin Media and find they are great company to wotk for. I feel terrible to hear such bad stories about how customers have been treated and how bad there service as been. I know for a fact that when Virgin took over NTL:Telewest all wasnt as rosey for either company. The area I lived in was NTL and we (before I worked in cable) were forever getting bad customer service. Virgin are spending a lot of time and money in making sure that this company delivers the level of customer service and fully operational Digital,Broadband and Telephone services by upgrading the whole network. This can’t be done overnight. Me and my colleagues work very hard when repairing faults to make sure that the fault and anything else that seems untowards whilst at the customers premises are done right first time. Virgin have big plans and are changing the way the company works. I apologise for the problems people have but I can whole heartedly say that there are very satisfied customers out there and we(engineers) need to make sure we keep doing whats right because without you the customers we are out of jobs so it is in our interest we deliver the best service possible.


    Cable Guy

  • Pat Elms Says:

    I had no landline for 3 weeks, couldn’t receive or make calls due to a faulty cable, which happened shortly after installation, so had to use my mobile. I sent a letter of complaint and said I would be submitting my excess mobile costs to Virgin and was told I should have asked my friends to phone me, and should have asked their permission to use my mobile. They are refusing to pay my costs but said they would refund the £1.00 it cost to call them. I pointed out my friends have pay as you go mobiles and why should they incur large phone bills calling me when I have a package that gives me free evening and weekend calls. It was like talking to a brick wall, he was polite but kept repeating my friends should have called me, no they shouldn’t have to, I didn’t have a landline due their faulty cable. When I said I would take the matter further I was told Virgin’s reputation could withstand that. mmm having trawled through all the comments here I doubt it. I’ll try emailing Neil Berkett and see what happens, but I am prepared to take it to the small claims court if I have to, don’t like bully boy tactics, I’m only asking for £50 to cover my excess costs, probably less that a couple of bottles of wine at a directors lunch.

  • David Says:

    It’s amazing to find so many people who have experienced the nightmare of trying to get an issue resolved with Virgin Media (as they are now called). For the last two weeks, my life has been phonecall after phonecall to Virgin Media. I have lost count of the number of times I have had someone tell me: “Don’t you worry David, my name is …….. and I will help you get this problem sorted.” They obviously learn this phrase as part of their training, because they ALL say it! Likewise I get bucket loads of apologies, sympathy and understanding… they tell me they know how I feel (I really don’t think they do). I am stressed out like I have never been stressed out and I just feel that this is my idea of what hell must be like. I don’t want sympathy and apologies (and certainly not at 25p per minute)… I want someone who can help me resolve an issue. I want someone who, when they say that someone will ring me back, someone will.
    I find that the question that really throws them, is: “If you were ME sitting here, feeling stressed, tired, angry and at the end of your tether with the complete lack of any sign of progress… what would YOU do? That question is usually met with: “Look, David… I am really sorry and I apologise…”. At this point I break in to say: “No, I do not want your sympathy or apology… I asked what would YOU do in MY position.” This is nearly always met with silence! They are just unable to answer.
    After almost two weeks I really do not feel I am anywhere further on than when I made my initial call for help.
    The level of service is shockingly abysmal and am unable to think of ANY example of a level of service that comes anywhere near as bad.

  • Damon Says:

    It looks like my experiences are shared by many others. Fellow sufferers let me give you a small sample of my experience of Virgin Media.

    Staff are selected primarily for their ability to lie convincingly. To provide a service to paying customers is not the aim, rather it is to get them off the line or hope that they will lose the will to live and hang up before being answered.

    Virgin Media is a communications company yet seems incapable of even the simplest internal messaging – on one attempt I asked for an engineer to ring my mobile an hour before he went to my house so that I could get there from work some miles away. This was for a 12.00 to 4.00 service. Not having received a call I elected to go home anyway and wait for him. He never turned up or phoned. so I called VM and they said he had tried to phone my mobile and got no answer and also tried the home number. The mobile number he had was wrongly copied to his jobsheet and the call to the home phone was a lie. He never even left an ‘out’ card to prove he had called at the property.

    I am now a week and a half down the road of trying to get a picture, have spent five and a half hours talking to the worldwide army of VM staff, have been lied to, transferred back and forth in the hope I will give up, lost half a days pay with the prospect of losing another half tomorrow and all to be told that VM do not compensate for loss of income while waiting for an engineer who is not going to turn up. They even had the temerity to charge me for not being at home when the engineer allegedly called.

    I am now proposing to counter charge for two lost half days pay and the hours spent on the phone trying to get some sort of resolution (shall I hold my breath?).

    It is amazing that given the number of complaints against this company that it is allowed to continue trading. Now I know why Sir ‘Dick’ did not get to run the Lottery! He should be stripped of his knighthood for the shabby way he treats the proletariat.

    My sympathy goes out to all you other voices in the wilderness, especially the old and infirm who deserve far better treatment than this.

  • Jason Says:

    After being with NTL/Virgin for about 6 years I cancelled the lot with them yesterday.
    I was given a retention deal for xl broadband, talk unlimited and xl tv package which at the time was a very good deal. The deal was given for as long as I remained a ‘loyal’ customer. After a conversation with VM yesterday, it seems that my billing has now doubled in price and that there is no record of my previous deals of which I have paper bills to prove it. Needless to say they basically said that I accept the new terms or cancel my contract – easy choice.
    For what it’s worth Sky are doing me a good deal on the HD box (£99) and reimbursing me the BT charge for reconnection. As it stands I’ll be paying Sky the same as Virgin but getting more TV channels.

  • blade Says:

    hi all, well where do i start, my instalation on the 18th march was late he turned up at 7.45 and once installed i thought good its all up and working, ohhhh dear how wrong!!! firstly the modem wouldnt work and was told it would be on soon, then the tv kept breaking up and freezing and now it changes chanels on its own (clever tv), we then called an engineer out to fix the problem, they tried and couldnt, we had engineers out nearly every day for 3 weeks only the problem is still there, we brought our phone number over from talk talk and was told that we did not have to cancel talk talk as virgin would do it for us, well well how wrong, we have just got a bill from talk talk for £168 as they say we are still a customer of theres and virgin has not told them we have gone over to virgin, then we decided to change our phone number as we where getting strange calls, this they did, and all was well for about a WEEK, then for some strange reason they changed our number back to our talk talk number, and said that we requested it, well that would not be right as my partner has a bad heart condition and the xmas just gone had a major myocardial infarction (very bad heart attack) so we gave the new virgin number to the hospital and her surgeon, so that they could keep in touch in case they needed her, but they changed the number, after 3 long weeks and many phone calls they changed it back last tuesday, which we though hurray!! but ohhh no by the thursday it was cut off compleatly, we have only had it restored today 6 days later, we were without a phone and when told customer service it was a medical emergency that the phone be conected as soon as possible, they laughed at me down the phone and said ” ohhh mr blade i dont thinks so, laughing” it is disgusting, well we still have our old talk talk number but have been “promised” it would be changed next wednesday, well its watch this space as they are just liars and idiots, and there promises are pie crusts, easily broken, there is actualy more to this than i have writen, but i dont want to be sat here all nite, the word vigin means pure, what a laugh, of which they certainly are not!!!!!

  • Leslie Says:

    Hey, at least the customer support line is free now 😀

    Now to try and get employed by Virgin…
    “What can you bring to our company?” – I’m a virgin customer, I know the scripts better than your current customer service staff.

  • Sly Says:

    It’s not just Virgin Media that’s a problem – Virgintrains are too!

  • JC Says:

    Well, i have had similar problems with viring, i started service with them in Jan 08, didnt get a bill and didnt agree to sign up for direct debit, however i did pay upfront on my card as i got the VIP package. i told them that when i get a bill, i will go to the post office and pay over the counter, four months and several phonecalls and still no bill, then they cut me off, by this time the bil was £300. they tried to take money out of my bank without my permission via direct debit (how they got my bank details is a mystery to me)i sent a letter of complaint in and after many more phonecalls, the matter was resolved, i got my bank charges back and my bill ammended. so keep at it, they will give in eventually,
    now the best bit……
    i paid the bill in may, asked for monthly bills as usual. I phoned them last week to tell them that i havent got a bill, according to virgin media, I do not have an account with them. it is closed and i dont not have service with them. I rang them again and they said the same thing so i called them and got a supervisor to clarify the position which i have recorded. she clearly states i owe viring media no money, i am no longer held to contract. I am not a customer of virgin media etc. So my move to another ISP will be painless and im sure the STB will go for a few quid on ebay LOL!!!!

  • JC Says:

    i am also still getting my ful VIP package of 20 meg BB, full XL TV Package and the phone package too. sorry forgot to mention



  • gcn Says:

    I never make comments on boards like these but upon entering ‘virgin media on demands complaints’ into google it led me here and boy am i glad i not the only one. i feel completely cheated by virgin the on demand service doesn’t even work properly and you’d think that all the top shows (e.g apprentice, dragons den)would be available regularly but they’re not. my broadband is super slow sometimes and regulary times out so i have to refresh. and on top of all that i can’t even escape because i’m tied to a 12 month contract. p.s sorry any punctuation/spelling mistakes.

  • barry Says:

    sick of losing my net page
    and sick of trying to get answers

  • Sue Says:

    It still seems have bad as ever. They have overcharged me and keep cutting me off even tho they owe ME money. I won’t go into all the boring details except to say that it is quite clear that there are several call centres of each type – billing, credit control, technical, customer care etc. and that they are supposed to log each call. Acutally they dont’ – and it is impossible to get back to the few people you speak to who make sense – so I several times I have thought I had the problem sorted – only to have to start all over again. They never call back, they make things up and when they cannot answer they cut you off. Many of them are v. friendly – but TOTALLY inefficient. I have spent over 10 hours on the phone – and am still nowhere. Avoid them if you can – or go with
    Virgin Media and shorten your life!

  • Lisa Says:

    This is not about broadband or the TV package, they are fine. No, this is to do with a monthly contract mobile:

    1) I phoned them Friday 29 Aug to ask for one. I went through the order including the credit check and the order was confirmed. The phone was to be delivered Saturday morning.

    2) I waited in all Saturday morning for this phone. Nothing came. I called NTL from my existing PAYG phone and spent most of my £5 credit on hold. When I did speak to someone, they called me back so I could explain the situation. I went through the order again and was this time given my order number and asked for my debit card (there is a fee for delivering a phone apparently). I was told that the phone would be delivered today.

    3) I left my phone on charge on Saturday afternoon. When I returned to the phone, there was a message on it from Virgin: “We regret to inform you that you do not pass the criteria for our monthly contract phones. Thank you.” She didn’t leave her name or anything!!!!!

    4) I phoned them back this morning and spoke to someone who couldn’t find my address on the system (I live in flats, it’s not difficult) and told me to ring Equifax to confirm my address with them, then call Virgin back. I did this.

    5) I called Virgin back and was told I would need to go through the whole story again as “there is no record of any conversation”.

    I am now annoyed. They’d better watch out…

  • anthony Says:

    hello all, thanks to this site i was encouraged to continue a very long hard fight against lies, terrible customer service and misinformation over billing dates, billing amounts, levels of service, etc. finally tried the disconnection option and spoke to possibly the only member of virgin media staff based in the uk and who knew what she was talking about, just a mention if you are told by their wonderful cold call staff you will recieve an offer too good to be true it will be ! and speak to the right member of staff and they will tell you the sales staff do lie openly to get a sale and worse still their managers will back these lies up. I cant imagine what these rare hardworking individuals have to suffer on a day to day basis but i hope the money virgin media manage to erm “obtain” from their customers goes directly towards a suitable reward for their people, i get the feeling they deserve it.

  • libby Says:

    i think virgin is realy bad #
    you watch a program then it stands still for a long time you have missed so much of a program then it comes back on again only to go off for another long time -i am fed up with this happening i now feel its time to leave virgin as i am not getting what i pay for

  • Valerie Says:

    I too have had the most awful customer service from Virgin and it is my intent to fill in as many of these types of sheets as time of mine that has been wasted speaking to them on the phone or writing letters. I was with NTL and when they took over, all I wanted was one change in the package (switching from just internet to adding the phone) and since then, it has been nothing but problems. They have regularly overcharged me for their service and nothing seems to change it, not even sending an email to Neil Berkett !

  • Tim Walker Says:

    I’ve been a customer of the various incarnations of Virgin Media for about 12 years. Then today they cut my service without any warning. Woke up today and found a call from the collections team to call them urgently. I then found they’d cut the phone service and internet because my balance was more than £200. I have a direct debit which pays the bills. With any other supplier that’s the arrangement irrespective of the balance. I spoke to a lady in the customer care team, she was apologetic and spoke to the collections team. The message came back ‘Sorry, this is company policy, nothing we can do about it’. So I had to pay half the outstanding balance there and then with my debit card to get the service back. This is appalling beyond words. This means to safeguard my service on (we are high users with all the different services) I’m going to have to check my balance daily, which is a little tedious. They offered the address of the complaints department but I’m not having this issue smothered there – I wonder if anyone has the contact details of the office of Neil Birkett the Managing Director?

  • Claire Galbraith Says:

    Our on demand has not been working for almost a week. My mum has kept phoning and they keep lying (saying they will call back and changing their stories etc.). They had originally said it was a problem in the area and would be fixed by 4pm on Saturday (it is now Monday evening) and when my mum phoned tonight they told her it wasn’t an area fault at all but one with our box.

    The thing is, we have two boxes and both are not working and we have just spoken to our next door neighbours and our neighbours across the road and none of theirs are working.

    What the hell is wrong with these people?! Why can’t they just tell the truth?

    Argh. Good luck guys. Keep at ’em.

  • dave in northampton Says:

    AN UTTER JOKE!!! five months ago i changed to one of their “budles” and every month since they are charging me over the top – im sure the billing department are paid on how much over they charge you? think of a number multiply it by itself and issue it as a bill? well my friends i am about to cancel my standing order with the bank – and watch out Sir”Dick” because a small claims court summons is on its way to you. To underestermate me is to overestermate yourself

  • Soon to be EX-Virgin Customer Says:

    I have read through all of the above and will be sending identicle letters to every contact detail above.

    I couldn’t possibly go into the details of every problem I have had since virgin took over from telewest but I have experienced almost everything listed above at some point or another. My personal favourite for comedy value alone was recieving a letter after I complained my phone line wasn’t working. The letter stated that a member of their team had tried to call me regarding my notification of a fault with my telephone line but they were unable to reach me (no sh*t sherlock) so could I contact them on the above number. Several hours stood in a phone box later I eventually got an engineer to sort the problem. They had disconnected my number and given it to someone else. I also had my broadband discionnected not long after when my neighbour got installed, then charged for other peoples phone calls and internet usage. This has since been resolved after many more hours of back and forth phone calls and more than a few grey hairs.

    Time and again I have been pushed from pillar to post speaking to incompitent monkeys across the globe, being hung up on, suffering accusations beyond belief and now I can’t help but wonder why I have done this to myself. Never in my life have I been so insulted by anyone or anything and yet these idiots expect me to give them money?! My current problems include internet speed and annonymous call barring. I won’t bore you with details but lets just say I am going to be leaving Virgin and I suggest others do the same. If you are lucky enough to have something fixed it’s just a matter of time before something else goes wrong and the lies, accusations and hours of wasted time talking to idiots who have no idea what you’re saying.

    Thanks for allowing me to rant. I feel slightly better having read that I am not alone.

  • James in Pinner Says:

    I wish I had seen this forum ages ago.
    Had to sign up for the full package as my company paid broadband was pulled.
    Firstly they never turned up on the day they were meant to install despite ringing them 5 times for confirmation that I was being visited on the day only to be told at 8:30PM that a note had been put on the system at 9:30 AM that morning that they would not be calling – so lied to constantly – never turned up the next day after confirming they would. Rearranged another visit 10 days later. The engineer turned up with half his kit broken and not replaced, fitted new box and started to leave. I stopped him as broadband wasn’t yet connected.Went trhougha further 5 modems until the line finally went live…..3 days later ..line dead! Do the diagnostics and ring Virgin. Engineer booked for 2 days later. “days later arrives and I get a phone call from customer services that a local fault has been found and rectified, my broadband is working and engineer cancelled. I have to explain to her that it is NOT fixed and I still want the engineer to attend, to which she replies that I will have to arrange another date as it is policy that the engineer is automatically cancelled!!
    To cut a long long story short, I have since spent numerous hours on phone calls to customer services etc and have been told I will get refund for installation and wireless router and someone would call me back (Have you heard that one before?!) about compenastaion as I had taken 4 days off work.
    Does anyne know if I have a chance of taking them to the small claims court for this?? and could I cancel the whole contract as they have not provided the services?

    Good luck all.


  • Pete Says:

    Having read the comments above, if you think Virgin are bad, try dealing with talktalk customer services……………they are on another planet altogether as non of the advisors speak any known earth language!

  • JT Says:

    I have spent the last 6 weeks stupidly trying to set up with virgin media and the last 3 weeks trying to leave them. They could not set up any service whatsoever as they kept forgetting to order the equiptment (still hasn’t arrived after 4 attempts).

    Problem now is that I can leave them because I need my MAC key and they keep saying they will order it for me, then a week later tell me that it has not been ordered.

    Anyone know how to leave them before even being set up, and / or how to sue them?

  • Elen Says:

    OMG!!! I am not alone! Say Im not like virgin media? No, I hate virgin media – I really cannot believe that some one can run this company without any shame!!!

  • pl Says:

    Virgin Media’s on demand service is extremely poor. Often the service is unavailable or cuts out in the middle of shows or films that I have paid for. This necessitates either a lengthy telephone call to one of their service centres or a visit from one of their technicians to switch or fix the box. I’ve had to call-out technicians three times in as many months to fix faults with the on demand service – on the last occasion the technician told me that the service was so poor that he would never consider installing Virgin Media services in his own home – when their customer serviced representatives complain about the poor quality of the service you know something is REALLY wrong…

  • shash Says:

    I have joined Virgin media in sept 2009, I thought they are best service providers but I am having very tough time with virgin customer service. None of virgin services are working from 4 weeks and they told me to wait 3 more weeks for technician to solve this problem. They are not even letting me to cancel the contract. They would say that I will receive call in 48 hours but they never call. I don’t advice virgin media for anyone.

  • Mark Roberts Says:

    Virgin just cancelled the installation the evening before it was due for the 3rd time! that is 3 days off work for nothing and I am now scheduled for 9 March. i going bto go back to BT but I am also going to eventually get Virgin to install and then cancel within 28 days so that i make it as painful as possible. have also managed to get the Chief Execs email so he will be getting a few messages from me. I really, really hate them

  • pete thomas Says:

    here is my story/ response

    Dear Mr. Berkett
    It is with great disgust that I am writing to you
    Up until recently I was having reasonably priced bills.
    However, when I reported the fact that my modem was constantly disconnecting and running at less than half quoted speeds ( it had always done this but I did not know it was at fault), one of your Indian colleagues decided to take it upon himself to remove all my discounts at the same time he ordered the replacement modem, I did not find this out until I had my bill.
    This member of staff had no right to make any changes to my package and was in breach of contract.
    I then spoke to a virgin representative, Richard Pape who told me that it would be ok and that he would recalculate my bill and send me a new one for not more than £45.50, I decided to pay that amount by telephone so I would not be in trouble, I thought this would be the last of this nonsense?
    Like hell it was!
    The next bill rolls in £77 odd, how could this be, Richard told me he would sort this! Couldn’t be bothered, could he? the lies just started
    I then spoke to Toni Wardle who seemed very sympathetic and helpful, she told me that the person who changed my tariff had no right to do that and she would escalate the matter to her manager, Jamie Pemberton and that I would receive a call the next day, I ensured that she had my numbers, no one ever called, I waited days!
    During my conversation, which I have recorded, Toni told me that I was on mates rates, I asked her if I would be paying the same mates rates and if she could guarantee that I would be paying the same amount, she said yes, so registered with virginmedia online to check, nothing was done, what a surprise! No change there!
    I then spoke to yet another lying rep, Jeff Warrall who told me that Toni was lying and she should not have told me that she would resume my discount and tariff, I explained the situation but he would not help me, he said that he would credit my account with £3o to account for the late payment charge and the change in price, I checked the virginmedia site, nothing was done, out of desperation I paid the balance minus the £30
    During my conversation with Jeff I asked him to review what I had said and read what was my account, he could not tell me as he did not take notes while I was talking and told me that he would do so retrospectively, how ridiculous! This person expected to remember an extensive conversation!
    The fact of the matter is that he, like others, did not intend of being helpful and just wanted me to go away with the littlest amount of effort!
    I even explained that I was going to escalate matters to the relevant authorities, this wasn’t even taken into consideration, I was left none the wiser and still in the same place.
    It is abundantly clear from the thousands of other unhappy customers that virgin media does not care one bit about its clients.
    I have quite simply had enough!
    Should I not require an adequate resolution from virgin media, I will have no option to bring the matter to the ombudsman in London, trading standards, the ferret, x-ray and watchdog, yes, I know them all, I am also prepared to meet them outside your Swansea branch!!
    I also own a large estate car and a lot of printable magnetic plates which I will use to tell my story to everyone who sees it, I travel approximately 35000 miles a year so that’s a lot of negative advertising.
    I am respectfully asking you to launch a full investigation and retrain all the members of staff I have spoken to and honor Toni Wardle’s promise of resuming my original tariff and leave me well alone for the foreseeable future.


    Pete Thomas

  • pete thomas Says:

    emailed neil berkett- neil.berkett@virginmedia.co.uk
    i had a callback from the C.E.O office within twenty minutes, they were more than happy to help and sorted all the issues out within 5 minutes, issue that the customer services could not sort over a month!

  • simon lane Says:

    im about to move house onto the next street to the one i live on now which diamon cable put inplace the infrastructure many years ago for cable services.
    i signed up to diamon cable before the service was even available and from that day on i have not had one bit of trouble with the service be it diamond cable to NTL now virgin.

    this all changed after trying to get cable fitted to the new address, the customer care told me it is not a cable area even though cable services are available to half the houses on the street !!!

    they point blank refuse to shove a cable through the already fitted conduits and connect to their green box half way down the street.
    how much can it cost to poke a cable down a tube and join into the main cable ? they have totally shown their contempt for a loyal customer who wants their services which has infuriated me !

    it appears virgin media as a company is a total shambles when it comes to dealing with customers and customer enquiries and for the customer care team to say they dont care they loose customers is to my thinking a very poor way of running a company ! i wonder what the CEO will think when i ask why this is the service it gives to customers who have been very loyal to virgin even after the virgin media cut some of the tv services like the sky channels but didnt cut the cost of the tv packages.

    i dont hold my breath on getting a resonable response from any one at virgin media group.

    dont suppose any one has a contact address for richard branson ? lol

  • MICK Says:

    I was loyal to sky for many years but decided to join virgin “the biggest mistake i have ever made”.I contacted virgin tele sales and explained all the channels i had with sky and that i was paying £21.00 for these channels.I explained that i wanted the same channels plus the internet and i was quoted £35.00.I was very happy with this but on the day of installation i was ill in bed.When i checked the tv the next day i realised i was approx 45 channels short.i rang virgin and explained the situation and all the channels were added.I explained to the lady this was not an upgrade and she assurred me they would be no extra cost.I did not receive the first bill but the 2nd bill was for £42.50.I phoned the only number given on the web site and had a 43 minutes of music and a further 28 minutes of fruitless conversation to someone in south africa.I was told to wait in the next day a manager would call. Saturday no call .Sunday checked computer found i had been charged £28.00 for the phone call.Rang virgin media and told they would reimberse the money but told no managers work over the weekend and given an 0845 number to ring the next day and i would be reimbersed for that particular call .After being passed from pillar to post for a further 52 minutes i spoke to a man who informed me i could not speak to a manager they were non available.I explained the situation but was told that the initial deal made with tele sales did not happen and i had upgraded the next day.Iwas also told that the only way they can help me is by reducing my broad band speed and my bill would be £40.00 .I informed them that i wanted the original agreement of £35.00 or i would cancel the direct debit.I was told that would not be recommended .I said i would go to court before i paid them a penny and i was not concerned about baliffs.This gentlemen seems to think because an engineer has nbeen in my house that gives the baliffs to walk in if they want to.Of all the people i spoke to sarah was the only one who spoke any sense the rest was non sense.Iwas also appalled to find that RICHARD BRANSON who supposedly loves everything british uses call centres in at least 2 other countries according to his telephonist.Finally i was told i could ring customer concern. Tell EVERYONE you know to boycott virgin .ps i have 2 virgin media mobiles one was put on the wrong tariff and i currently have a £90.00 phone bill when it was supposed to be free minutes.Can anyone advise me on the next step i should take.THANKS

  • MICK Says:

    Also if i want to pay 35 pounds i will lose 65 channels

  • Virgin Broadband!!!!!!!!! - PPRuNe Forums Says:

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