• 05Sep
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    removalssmall.JPGWe moved from Guildford to Bournemouth two weeks ago and this was taken from our window whilst the van was being loaded, in between madly getting the place clean before leaving for good! It’s just as well you can’t fit in your head all there is to do for a house move, the best thing is to take it a step at a time or you’d never sleep. If you want any packing or moving tips just ask, I’m sure I could write a book on the subject now.

    We thought we were extremely organised and started clearing the loft plus getting rid of stuff months ago. Perhaps we were too smug, the last 2 days before move day were completely manic, non-stop box making and filling. It didn’t help that we only exchanged on the Wednesday (after weeks of expectation) when we were set to move the following Tuesday. A big sigh of relief when it all came together with no plans needing to be changed.

    boxessmall.JPGI shall miss Guildford very much but looking forward to getting to know a whole new area full of pretty villages, seascapes and countryside. This is our spare room after move day – I didn’t really expect the removal guys to pile boxes in 6 high – that took some reorganising as you can imagine, fortunately there were no breakables at the bottom! We’ve now got the spare bed down but it will remain boxed in for the duration as we are currently renting but shall be looking for a house to buy soon. At least we packed well enough to be able to leave half the boxes packed here but then you ask yourself, if you haven’t needed the contents of those boxes for a few months… do you really need them at all?

    Certainly all this packing and unpacking makes you want to live life more simply and with less BAGGAGE!!!

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