• 14Sep

    peanut.jpgI’ve started small here, no longer buying peanut butter that has palm oil in. For years I loved Sunpat but after looking in health food shops found Meridian’s wonderful range of nut spreads with nothing added except a little salt (less than 1%) if you want. The crunchy peanut butter is to die for, I can’t believe it is purely peanuts, no added ingredients!! Practically all other companies add an emulsifier to avoid separation, usually palm oil, but we can all stir it before spreading — we aren’t that lazy yet are we?!

    I am scared to death to read of the devastation caused by palm oil plantations – they are biggest destroyer of rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia for a start, additionally responsible for human rights violations and worker exploitation. I’m not trying to convert anyone and think each person has to make up their own mind, but even though it is a tiny step, I can no longer buy products containing palm oil with a clear conscience – I only have to think that my actions could contribute to Orang-utans being extinct within 12 years. Apparently 1 in 10 food products contain this oil. I don’t know what else I can do except shout about it a bit and be a member of Friends of the Earth, who know all the angles in this argument and are fighting to save such wonderful majestic animals as the Orang-utans and Sumatran Tiger.

    Read more about this on the Friends of the Earth website.

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  • willow Says:

    It’s awsome that you are eating natural peanut butter. Before I met my husband, I would buy the gallon buckets of the fake stuff. He had me try his natural peanut butter one day and I haven’t gone back. I do still use the fake stuff in recipes, but even just licking the extra peanut butter off the spoon makes my toes curl. The taste is so different from what real peanut butter tastes like. Bravo you!