• 26Oct
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on Meeting my dæmon!

    This looks like an amazing and beautiful film, can’t wait for it’s release on 7th December. “The Golden Compass” is the movie of the first book in the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials. I have found my dæmon after taking the test on the official website…. hmm, I’m a crow apparently. I suppose they are loyal, dark and a bit mysterious! Read more »

  • 25Oct
    Categories: Music Comments Off on Justin Currie – What Is Love For?

    currie.jpgJustin has done it again. How can his name not be known throughout the land and why did he have to fight for a record deal?! We saw him perform last night at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth and I’ve never witnessed such an excellent set (in my limited experience). He has such an amazing voice with a great vocal range and emotive quality. He’s also a great performer who comes across as both passionate about his music and maybe a little shy and self depreciating too.

    Read more »

  • 25Oct
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on The unforeseen difficulties of applying for a mortgage!

    report203.jpgWe’ve just applied for a mortgage with a well known Building Society and were told that it could all be completed in a phone call. A little dubiously we agreed to be phoned at a pre-arranged time and the guy even phoned a few minutes earlier to confirm he would be phoning a few minutes later!!

    Well it took about three quarters of an hour to go through everything and at the end of it we were happy it was all being dealt with efficiently. We were told the pre-filled forms would be in the post in a couple of days, all we’d need to do was sign and return them. They arrived quickly but must have been completed in 2 seconds flat…. there are SO MANY ERRORS. Read more »

  • 19Oct
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on In memory of Alan Coren

    coren203.jpg I was very sad to hear that Alan Coren has died at the age of 69. He was such a warm and funny man, I loved watching him on “Call My Bluff”. He was regarded as one of the wittiest men in Britain. You can read his obituary on the BBC website. He will be much missed.


    “The pen isn’t actually mightier than the sword – the sword will destroy all pens in time – we don’t lie in our beds trembling in case Iran gets hold of a bottle of ink.” – Alan Coren

  • 16Oct
    Categories: Music Comments Off on The Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden

    I am excited!  Just saw The Eagles have a new album out at the end of the month… after a 28 year break!!  It’s a bumper double album of 20 new songs and judging by the video to “How Long” (just viewed on Amazon) it’s too long until I’ll be able to get my hands on a copy.  That song sounds every bit as good as their older stuff and Don Henley’s voice is as amazing as ever, pure quality.

  • 11Oct

    sb.jpgI was in two minds whether to watch this programme. I don’t tend to watch anything too heavy or scary these days but this sounded important and I wondered if I could afford to miss it? My Mum in Law has ME with chemical sensitivity so for 10 years now I’ve realised how chemicals can affect people. However, her sensitivity is very physically obvious and affects a small minority, whereas a lot of chemical damage is far more subtle, builds up slowly in our bodies and could affect us all in one way or another.

    Back then I changed some of the products I used, cut down on others, but I am still (I realise after watching this programme) exposed to far too many. We certainly don’t yet know all the ways these chemicals affect us and our children but if I could say one thing it would be not to trust that just because something is on the market it is safe to use, it may sound obvious but read the labels – I don’t believe there is enough control or that big companies really care as long as they make the packaging pretty and people spend money on them. Read more »