• 25Oct
    Categories: Music Comments Off on Justin Currie – What Is Love For?

    currie.jpgJustin has done it again. How can his name not be known throughout the land and why did he have to fight for a record deal?! We saw him perform last night at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth and I’ve never witnessed such an excellent set (in my limited experience). He has such an amazing voice with a great vocal range and emotive quality. He’s also a great performer who comes across as both passionate about his music and maybe a little shy and self depreciating too.

    He is perhaps best known as the lead singer of Del Amitri but I’m hoping he’s becoming recognised as an artist in his own right. I don’t know anyone who has written such beautiful lyrics which are both everyday and extraordinary. I identify with them when I’m up and when I’m down, unlike any other single artist. “Here and Now” has long been my favourite up song and now “No Surrender” on this album becomes my down song of choice! Nobody does melancholy or bitter like Justin.

    I saw Del Amitri on their final tour, as it turned out, and it was well worth the 5 year wait to see him perform live again. Check out the 5 star reviews his new album is getting on Amazon or have a listen to the tracks on his MySpace page. “No Surrender” has such amazing lyrics, to remember all those words and deliver them with such power, wow! His live performance of this track is worthy of special mention as it’s full of passion and meaning about the world we live in today – both utterly scathing and heart-wrenchingly poetic.

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