• 25Oct
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    report203.jpgWe’ve just applied for a mortgage with a well known Building Society and were told that it could all be completed in a phone call. A little dubiously we agreed to be phoned at a pre-arranged time and the guy even phoned a few minutes earlier to confirm he would be phoning a few minutes later!!

    Well it took about three quarters of an hour to go through everything and at the end of it we were happy it was all being dealt with efficiently. We were told the pre-filled forms would be in the post in a couple of days, all we’d need to do was sign and return them. They arrived quickly but must have been completed in 2 seconds flat…. there are SO MANY ERRORS.

    I am not talking small errors, although there are plenty of those as well, such as stating our house will have 1 less bedroom and 23 more living rooms than is the case (hope the Council tax people don’t see that!). My husband’s yearly salary amount had an extra 0 added – if he earned that much money then we wouldn’t need a bloody mortgage would we!!! We are currently renting but he didn’t ask about that on the phone, yet there are details on the sheet which must have been plucked from thin air. Oh, and our current and proposed addresses are both incorrect in parts. Where do you go with that? Was agreement in principle given on the extra-zero salary? Should we trust them to do anything right when that form couldn’t have been given even a cursory glance?

    Whew, had to get that off my chest. Now waiting for them to call back and sort it out — wish us luck.

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