• 28Nov
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    bankchargevideocut.jpgSupport a very worthy cause and show the power of the people can still bring about change!

    Everyone who has already reclaimed bank charges, wants to, or simply supports the ability to do so, can assist in getting it to the top of the agenda. The “I fought the Lloyds” song by Oystar (which incidentally is a great song in it’s own right) is a non-profit protest song featuring money saving expert Martin Lewis who has led the way in helping people to reclaim unfair bank charges.

    Over a million people have recalimed an estimated £1bn in bank charges. Yet the Government has ignored a petition, the banks are charging more than ever, and the regulators have sided with them to put it all on hold! One of the ways we can fight back is by ordering this song and getting it into the charts in January. Read more »

  • 20Nov
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    Monday morning was very noisy here, especially having windows in the roof upstairs. After raining for hours there were a couple of thunder crashes and then all hell broke loose with a frantic hailstorm. It was fascinating to watch, I opened the back door and took a couple of photos but wouldn’t have wanted to be caught out in it, sure it would have hurt!! Some of the hailstones were bigger than pea sized and they were bouncing around everywhere. After a while the ground looked like a fight in a packaging factory with the polystyrene-like balls covering everything.