• 30Jan

    secondlife.gifI can’t be the only person who just doesn’t get “Second Life” – the alternate reality virtual world thingy. After watching the “Wonderland” programme on BBC2 earlier it has left me more bemused than ever! Isn’t this world big enough, beautiful enough and REAL enough to live in all the time? Why would you choose to inhabit a cyberworld where everything is made up? People create their own “Avatar” to represent them (but mostly not resemble them) which is often a hilarious over the top representation of everything they wish they were but aren’t. I can understand using the computer for a million things, I love playing the odd computer game, but this I can’t get to grips with. Each to their own but I see it as somewhere those who are lonely, unhappy and dissatisfied with their real lives go and so pray I never feel the need to sign up!!

3 Responses

  • Andy Piper Says:

    Well that was always going to be the response elicited by that particular programme.

    Yes, absolutely, it’s true that certain people can end up in the kind of spirals represented by the Wonderland segment, but then again, there’s another side to this. What about the richness of online interaction that a 3D internet can potentially bring? I had a very cool experience a while ago where it was possible to demo an online shopping scenario far richer than that offered by “traditional” (!) online stores.

    I use SL and other virtual world platforms a lot as part of my work, and I can see how they have the potential to grow. Not to replace “first life”, but as an extension of the web, and our online interactions.

  • sue Says:

    Thanks for your comments Andy. I am not surprised you responded as you did and see (and indeed understand more than I do) the positive aspects of this form of interaction. I think it’s an area where we’ll just agree to differ!

  • Andy Piper Says:

    I just see a lot of the criticisms levelled at virtual worlds as being similar to those that are possible with the 2D web – how dangerous and addictive can that be? I think we’re just at the beginning of another technology cycle, as we were with the web in c. 1994.