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    I thought I was going to get my answer today regarding a song I’ve been trying to track down for 4 years no less! Alas I have to wait at least another month. I heard it on holiday in 2003 and part was caught on our video camera when we were filming outside a beach bar. It was such a lovely relaxed beachy sound, I never dreamt it would be impossible to identify. I’ve searched on Google for every part of the lyric I know, consulted lyric sites, listened to music clips of beach type songs on Amazon and exhausted Last.fm’s tags and subject listings. Well it was fun anyway and I discovered other great music along the way I guess. Then to our amazement, 2 weeks ago it featured in the first episode of Piers Morgan’s programme about Sandbanks in Dorset. I jumped off the sofa in surprise!!! It was only a brief part of the beginning instrumental section though and now I have to wait until ITV receive the programme information at the end of February to see if they can track it down 🙁

    If you can help or offer advice then please leave a comment. It is a chilled out song, very summery/ beachy in feel, some “de de de de” harmonising at the beginning and a sultry female vocal sounding (the nearest I can find anyway) like Violet Indiana or Moloko.

    The lyrics I have are:

    “6 o’clock on the dot(?), spend your money with the rich and the famous.

    Spin the wheel, watch ’em deal, it’s the miracle of life… in Las Vegas.”

    Is it in your collection by any chance? It will be just typical if it turns out to be a group I know and the song has somehow passed me by!!

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  • sue Says:

    Thank you, thank you ITV. How helpful and fast were they in responding once they had the information. Very impressed. The song is “Casino” by Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band and I’m rushing off to buy the album it features on right now. Have been listening to samples of their other songs on Amazon and think they have a great sound. Apparently the band are huge in their native Norway and well known in clubs across Europe too.