• 01Mar
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    ralph.jpgThis will be my new favourite album of the moment – not very promising judging by the cover art is it! I had been trying to track down the artist of the song which turned out to be “Casino” for YEARS. ITV kindly provided the answer after it featured on one of their programmes recently. I’ve listened to samples on Amazon and it all sounds fantastic. I’d never heard of this band but they are in fact huge in their home country of Norway and very popular throughout Europe. Their live shows have gained massive reputation for combining various percussion instruments and using pyrotechnics (thanks Last.fm for that information). The tags at Last.fm describe them as chillout, dance, electronica, downtempo, lounge. Somebody reviewing the album on Amazon actually said “Casino” should feature on the “Oceans Eleven” soundtrack and I’d looked on those! Very very cool – if you are looking for something different I recommend giving them a listen.

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