• 18Jul
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    Nigel Lamb at Chivenor, early \'90\'sI’ve been following the Red Bull Air Race on TV after seeing it by chance last year and being astounded – what these pilots can do with their planes is incredible! They put their bodies through a lot too in order to be the fastest round the course. It is breathtaking to watch.

    I was particularly pleased to see that one of the pilots is Nigel Lamb, a familiar name from days visiting air displays with Mum and Dad. This photo was taken at Chivenor in the early 90’s when he was flying as part of an aerobatic team. Nigel is doing well in his gorgeous Breitling plane, currently in 9th position, but it would be great if he finished higher this year. Another Brit, Paul Bonhomme, is in the lead and proving tough to beat with his skilful flying. I shall be cheering them both on and hope to see the London leg live which has to be even more spectacular.

  • 17Jul
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    Yum!I am raving about these at the moment, probably because they are easy to bake! Having found the tin first in Steamer Trading (one of my favourite shops) I had to find out what on earth they were. Located the recipe, baked them, then felt justified in going back to buy the tin. That’s female logic for you 🙂

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