• 08Jan
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    Arctic RollI used to love these! Mum regularly produced one of these from the freezer at dinner time when I was a kid. I’d forgotten about them but have just seen on the Retro to Go website (a great site for all things retro) that Bird’s Eye are re-launching them.

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  • 06Jan

    KingfisherI saw a kingfisher today, and only a few steps from our front door! Unfortunately I didn’t take this photo (I wish) as he was too small and fast for me.

    I’m buzzing from seeing him though, one of my favourite birds but only caught sight of once before in the New Forest. I was walking back from the village over the Bourne Stream when my eye was caught by a brilliant turquoise “something” on the edge of the river where there is a small waterfall. I was able to get quite close and watched him for about 10 minutes, a couple of times he flew further upstream to perch on a tree. Amazing vivid colours in otherwise very un-colourful surroundings today. Read more »