• 08Jan
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    Arctic RollI used to love these! Mum regularly produced one of these from the freezer at dinner time when I was a kid. I’d forgotten about them but have just seen on the Retro to Go website (a great site for all things retro) that Bird’s Eye are re-launching them.

    Apparently the wonderful Arctic Roll went out of fashion in the ’90’s, although I’m sure it’s a lot longer ago that I last tasted one. For those who don’t remember, it has a vanilla ice cream centre wrapped in a layer of sponge cake, with some raspberry jam holding it all together. You take it out of the freezer a short time before eating – the height of 70’s convenience.

    The new version has a lovely 70s-style box and there is even a new flavour added which has chocolate ice cream, sponge and sauce. It is out this month in all good supermarket freezers, priced around £1.99. I’m going to have to buy one for a touch of nostalgia!

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