• 30Mar

    I really enjoyed the ten part series on BBC2 where celebrity guests choose their favourite 5 books, split between 5 categories. I’ve been pondering my choices since and decided on these:

    Favourite early childhood book
    A Dog So Small by Phillipa Pearce (1962). I remember having to write my first book review at junior school and choosing this book after being completely captivated by the imaginative story.

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  • 25Mar
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on 10 things you need to know about losing weight

    I recorded this programme a while back but only watched it yesterday, full of renewed resolution to lose weight – my New Year’s resolution never really started with all the chocolate and cake still around! I found it so helpful, already aware that I need to focus more on exercise anyway as my diet isn’t too bad. Also I’m not giving up all the goodies, would rather increase my fitness levels by being more active instead.

    The full programme can be seen on You Tube in 5 parts, the first is here and I do highly recommend a look.

    If you haven’t time to watch the videos or want a handy summary, here it is: Read more »