• 11Aug
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    We visited the outside of Toddington Manor in 2003 when it was in a poor state and there was talk of Warner Hotels buying it. Got in trouble with the security guard who sped up in his car when we were peering in windows!! Our interest was that after delving into Tim’s family history we found his ancestors included the Tracy family who owned it – going back to Sir William de Tracy who’s depicted to the side of the main entrance as one of the assassins involved in the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170! I’ve just found an exciting and informative article in Cotswold Life about the house – thankfully Damien Hurst bought the manor and it is now undergoing extensive renovations – 3 years into possibly 10 years of work. Then it will be opened to the public as a museum of Hurst’s work which is fantastic news. Here are the photos we took in 2003.

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