• 19Oct
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    coren203.jpg I was very sad to hear that Alan Coren has died at the age of 69. He was such a warm and funny man, I loved watching him on “Call My Bluff”. He was regarded as one of the wittiest men in Britain. You can read his obituary on the BBC website. He will be much missed.


    “The pen isn’t actually mightier than the sword – the sword will destroy all pens in time – we don’t lie in our beds trembling in case Iran gets hold of a bottle of ink.” – Alan Coren

  • 11Oct

    sb.jpgI was in two minds whether to watch this programme. I don’t tend to watch anything too heavy or scary these days but this sounded important and I wondered if I could afford to miss it? My Mum in Law has ME with chemical sensitivity so for 10 years now I’ve realised how chemicals can affect people. However, her sensitivity is very physically obvious and affects a small minority, whereas a lot of chemical damage is far more subtle, builds up slowly in our bodies and could affect us all in one way or another.

    Back then I changed some of the products I used, cut down on others, but I am still (I realise after watching this programme) exposed to far too many. We certainly don’t yet know all the ways these chemicals affect us and our children but if I could say one thing it would be not to trust that just because something is on the market it is safe to use, it may sound obvious but read the labels – I don’t believe there is enough control or that big companies really care as long as they make the packaging pretty and people spend money on them. Read more »

  • 07Oct

    No, not the film, my can of hairspray is what I’m referring to. I am sure the people who write the information on these products are having a laugh. I just noticed the side of the can reads “stay in shape firm-hold hairspray is formulated with breakthrough RECALL STYLE MEMORY, so your hair returns to the shape you’ve created time after time.”

    What a load of *****. Quite apart from being such a stupid phrase, I get my hair nicely styled, spray my fringe especially, go out in the wind and whoosh no fringe – all blown off my face in an instant. Where is the recall and memory there, very little style either come to that!???

    I should have gone into advertising.

  • 28Sep

    Last night I had a dream about people I knew in Chambersbury School. Those in my dream weren’t people I especially got on with or had thought about in years! Then typically I couldn’t get back to sleep, often a problem with my overactive brain, so started remembering all the people I could from junior school days (yes I must have too much time on my hands). I started at Chambersbury School, Hill Common, Hemel Hempstead, in Mrs Trotman’s class in September 1972 and left in 1979. I wonder if anyone will find this page who remembers some of the same people? If so I hope you’ll add your comments. Read more »

  • 14Sep

    peanut.jpgI’ve started small here, no longer buying peanut butter that has palm oil in. For years I loved Sunpat but after looking in health food shops found Meridian’s wonderful range of nut spreads with nothing added except a little salt (less than 1%) if you want. The crunchy peanut butter is to die for, I can’t believe it is purely peanuts, no added ingredients!! Practically all other companies add an emulsifier to avoid separation, usually palm oil, but we can all stir it before spreading — we aren’t that lazy yet are we?! Read more »

  • 12Sep


    September 19th — next Wednesday — be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! This be yer one-week reminder.

    The big news this year, matey, be that they be raisin’ money fer Marie Curie Cancer Care again – wi’ a PIRATE DAY CHARITY SINGLE! They be registered fer the charts an’ everythin’, an’ if yer fancy downloadin’ a copy, they should be sailin’ straight fer the Top 40! Ye can have a listen t’ “On A Pirate Ship”, by Jay Foreman feat. Mad Cap’n Tom, an’ watch the fantastic video here – an’ ye can pre-order a copy right now, it be just 79p, at www.indiestore.com/pirate

    For more information yer better visit the Talk Like a Pirate Day UK website me hearties.