• 05Sep
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    removalssmall.JPGWe moved from Guildford to Bournemouth two weeks ago and this was taken from our window whilst the van was being loaded, in between madly getting the place clean before leaving for good! It’s just as well you can’t fit in your head all there is to do for a house move, the best thing is to take it a step at a time or you’d never sleep. If you want any packing or moving tips just ask, I’m sure I could write a book on the subject now.

    We thought we were extremely organised and started clearing the loft plus getting rid of stuff months ago. Perhaps we were too smug, the last 2 days before move day were completely manic, non-stop box making and filling. It didn’t help that we only exchanged on the Wednesday (after weeks of expectation) when we were set to move the following Tuesday. A big sigh of relief when it all came together with no plans needing to be changed. Read more »

  • 16Jul

    I have to mention the inefficiency of this company, they don’t know the meaning of the words “customer service” and are the worst service provider we’ve ever dealt with. Tim has spent far too much time over the past month on the phone to them, trying to get some service, and both of us have spent nearly as much time trying (and failing) to watch the On Demand or Freeview programmes. Read more »

  • 08Jun

    foxtons_landscape2.gifI promised myself I wouldn’t write too many moany entries about things I’d like to put right in the world and things that really annoy me. I’m afraid this is one last big final moan though as Foxtons take the biscuit… today being the final straw. Read more »

  • 18May

    goldblendhalfcafflogo.jpgI saw this advertised on TV yesterday and wondered if they were having a laugh. Who came up with this idea? Is it Half Caff or Half De-Caff?? Why not buy a jar of the full and a jar of the decaffeinated coffee and use half a teaspoon of each? It uses pure water – does this indicate that the other coffees in their range don’t? There are also not one but TWO new half caff coffees to choose from, either “Original Half Caff” or “Gold Blend Half Caff”.

    Aren’t we spoilt for choice and baffled enough by the range and labelling of products already? Come on, isn’t this going a wee bit too far. Read more »

  • 05Apr

    mark_colour_vertical.JPGSince writing about traffiking within the chocolate industry last month I’ve become even more aware that fairly traded produce is now more widely available in supermarkets. I have swapped to buying these products wherever possible, particularly bananas, coffee and chocolate. I’m proud of the fact that I gave up eating any chocolate which is not marked with the Fairtrade logo since reading of the associations with slavery and have stuck to it – and I love chocolate. I could no longer eat it with a clear conscience… that is just me, I know most people won’t feel that strongly and accept that. Read more »

  • 17Mar
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    chocolate.jpgOne form of trafficking is the use of children to harvest the cocoa beans on farms in Cote D’Ivoire. These children are likely to be working to make your chocolate. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I was told this. Nearly half the world’s chocolate is made from cocoa grown in the Cote D’Ivoire, in Africa. 12,000 children have been trafficked into cocoa farms in Cote D’Ivoire. When we buy chocolate we are being forced to be oppressors ourselves as we have no guarantee that the chocolate we eat is ‘traffik free’.

    STOP THE TRAFFIK is calling for people everywhere of all ages to force the chocolate companies to give a guarantee that their chocolate is Traffik Free. Will they commit to print a ‘Traffik Free Guarantee’ on chocolate bars so we can choose to buy chocolate that is not made through trafficked labour. By March 25th ‘Freedom Day’ we want the cocoa industry to have heard loud and clear from people everywhere that it is our right to eat ‘Traffik Free Guarantee’ chocolate. Read more »