• 01Mar
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    ralph.jpgThis will be my new favourite album of the moment – not very promising judging by the cover art is it! I had been trying to track down the artist of the song which turned out to be “Casino” for YEARS. ITV kindly provided the answer after it featured on one of their programmes recently. I’ve listened to samples on Amazon and it all sounds fantastic. I’d never heard of this band but they are in fact huge in their home country of Norway and very popular throughout Europe. Their live shows have gained massive reputation for combining various percussion instruments and using pyrotechnics (thanks Last.fm for that information). The tags at Last.fm describe them as chillout, dance, electronica, downtempo, lounge. Somebody reviewing the album on Amazon actually said “Casino” should feature on the “Oceans Eleven” soundtrack and I’d looked on those! Very very cool – if you are looking for something different I recommend giving them a listen.

  • 31Jan
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    I thought I was going to get my answer today regarding a song I’ve been trying to track down for 4 years no less! Alas I have to wait at least another month. I heard it on holiday in 2003 and part was caught on our video camera when we were filming outside a beach bar. It was such a lovely relaxed beachy sound, I never dreamt it would be impossible to identify. Read more »

  • 25Oct
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    currie.jpgJustin has done it again. How can his name not be known throughout the land and why did he have to fight for a record deal?! We saw him perform last night at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth and I’ve never witnessed such an excellent set (in my limited experience). He has such an amazing voice with a great vocal range and emotive quality. He’s also a great performer who comes across as both passionate about his music and maybe a little shy and self depreciating too.

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  • 16Oct
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    I am excited!  Just saw The Eagles have a new album out at the end of the month… after a 28 year break!!  It’s a bumper double album of 20 new songs and judging by the video to “How Long” (just viewed on Amazon) it’s too long until I’ll be able to get my hands on a copy.  That song sounds every bit as good as their older stuff and Don Henley’s voice is as amazing as ever, pure quality.

  • 13Jul
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    skye.jpgLast Thursday evening we went to see Skye Edwards (who previously sang with Morcheeba) at The Jazz Café in Camden Town. I’d been to the venue once before to see Judie Tzuke 10 years ago and, having only previously been to stadium concerts, I loved the intimate feel of the much smaller event.

    I discovered Morcheeba quite late on but was immediately impressed by Skye’s vocal talents. I first saw her in conversation last year on “Faith and Music” (ITV1). A brilliant biographical programme discussing vocal artists spiritual beliefs, exploring their back catalog of songs and including a new live performance. She was immediately engaging, her voice so pure and beautiful – I rushed out immediately to buy her new solo album “Mind How You Go”. Read more »

  • 10May
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    Tori Amos was on Graham Norton’s show tonight, very impressive performance of “Bouncing Off Clouds” at the end.  Certainly an unusual woman, just love her style and kookiness.  She has created 5 different personas for her latest album “American Girl Posse” and decided which one should perform each song depending on the style of the track.  Apparently these women have the characteristics of different Greek Gods, but not the names, which are Tori, Clyde, Pip, Isabel and Santa.  Interesting idea but I wonder how she performs them live, a lot of costume changes required!