• 24May
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    Christine, a friend of mine, is spending 6 days in September trekking across the Carpathian Mountains in North East Romania to raise money for Link Romania’s projects there which help the poorest people. She is paying for the costs of both trek and flights, all money donated will go straight to the charity. Her target is to raise a whopping £2,000.

    Next Saturday she is organising a “Putting on the Ritz” tea party at her church – complete with cucumber sandwiches of course! I’ve so far helped with posters, menus and as an extra pair of hands, but there is a lot to do to reach such a target. I think she is very brave, undertaking this completely on her own without knowing anyone else on the trek. It is also going to be physically very demanding.

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  • 21Mar

    46% Geek

  • 17Mar
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    I created this poster using a photo taken earlier today and a great website. The hardest part is thinking up some funny or deeply meaningful text to put with it!



  • 05Mar

    spangles3kx7.jpgThe other night Tim and I started talking about sweets we remember after I read a bit in my book mentioning Spangles. Apparently “remember Spangles” is the usual opening line to a conversation like this and I later found lots of chat on the Internet about favourite remembered confectionery. It’s amazing what you can find out if you start looking and also surprising what is still available to buy, brought back by popular demand, if only online.

    Alas Spangles are no more although apparently they did return for a short while in the 90’s. Probably today health & safety would have an issue with the razor sharp hole that appeared in the middle as the sweet dissolved in your mouth. I couldn’t find a photo of the 80’s packaging anywhere but I did find an early advertisement (pictured left) which made me laugh!

    From Spangles we moved on to other sweets:

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  • 01Mar
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    ralph.jpgThis will be my new favourite album of the moment – not very promising judging by the cover art is it! I had been trying to track down the artist of the song which turned out to be “Casino” for YEARS. ITV kindly provided the answer after it featured on one of their programmes recently. I’ve listened to samples on Amazon and it all sounds fantastic. I’d never heard of this band but they are in fact huge in their home country of Norway and very popular throughout Europe. Their live shows have gained massive reputation for combining various percussion instruments and using pyrotechnics (thanks Last.fm for that information). The tags at Last.fm describe them as chillout, dance, electronica, downtempo, lounge. Somebody reviewing the album on Amazon actually said “Casino” should feature on the “Oceans Eleven” soundtrack and I’d looked on those! Very very cool – if you are looking for something different I recommend giving them a listen.

  • 31Jan
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    I thought I was going to get my answer today regarding a song I’ve been trying to track down for 4 years no less! Alas I have to wait at least another month. I heard it on holiday in 2003 and part was caught on our video camera when we were filming outside a beach bar. It was such a lovely relaxed beachy sound, I never dreamt it would be impossible to identify. Read more »