• 30Jan

    secondlife.gifI can’t be the only person who just doesn’t get “Second Life” – the alternate reality virtual world thingy. After watching the “Wonderland” programme on BBC2 earlier it has left me more bemused than ever! Isn’t this world big enough, beautiful enough and REAL enough to live in all the time? Why would you choose to inhabit a cyberworld where everything is made up? People create their own “Avatar” to represent them (but mostly not resemble them) which is often a hilarious over the top representation of everything they wish they were but aren’t. I can understand using the computer for a million things, I love playing the odd computer game, but this I can’t get to grips with. Each to their own but I see it as somewhere those who are lonely, unhappy and dissatisfied with their real lives go and so pray I never feel the need to sign up!!

  • 28Nov
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on Martin Lewis & the bank charges protest song

    bankchargevideocut.jpgSupport a very worthy cause and show the power of the people can still bring about change!

    Everyone who has already reclaimed bank charges, wants to, or simply supports the ability to do so, can assist in getting it to the top of the agenda. The “I fought the Lloyds” song by Oystar (which incidentally is a great song in it’s own right) is a non-profit protest song featuring money saving expert Martin Lewis who has led the way in helping people to reclaim unfair bank charges.

    Over a million people have recalimed an estimated £1bn in bank charges. Yet the Government has ignored a petition, the banks are charging more than ever, and the regulators have sided with them to put it all on hold! One of the ways we can fight back is by ordering this song and getting it into the charts in January. Read more »

  • 20Nov
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    Monday morning was very noisy here, especially having windows in the roof upstairs. After raining for hours there were a couple of thunder crashes and then all hell broke loose with a frantic hailstorm. It was fascinating to watch, I opened the back door and took a couple of photos but wouldn’t have wanted to be caught out in it, sure it would have hurt!! Some of the hailstones were bigger than pea sized and they were bouncing around everywhere. After a while the ground looked like a fight in a packaging factory with the polystyrene-like balls covering everything.


  • 26Oct
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on Meeting my dæmon!

    This looks like an amazing and beautiful film, can’t wait for it’s release on 7th December. “The Golden Compass” is the movie of the first book in the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials. I have found my dæmon after taking the test on the official website…. hmm, I’m a crow apparently. I suppose they are loyal, dark and a bit mysterious! Read more »

  • 25Oct
    Categories: Music Comments Off on Justin Currie – What Is Love For?

    currie.jpgJustin has done it again. How can his name not be known throughout the land and why did he have to fight for a record deal?! We saw him perform last night at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth and I’ve never witnessed such an excellent set (in my limited experience). He has such an amazing voice with a great vocal range and emotive quality. He’s also a great performer who comes across as both passionate about his music and maybe a little shy and self depreciating too.

    Read more »

  • 25Oct
    Categories: Journal entries Comments Off on The unforeseen difficulties of applying for a mortgage!

    report203.jpgWe’ve just applied for a mortgage with a well known Building Society and were told that it could all be completed in a phone call. A little dubiously we agreed to be phoned at a pre-arranged time and the guy even phoned a few minutes earlier to confirm he would be phoning a few minutes later!!

    Well it took about three quarters of an hour to go through everything and at the end of it we were happy it was all being dealt with efficiently. We were told the pre-filled forms would be in the post in a couple of days, all we’d need to do was sign and return them. They arrived quickly but must have been completed in 2 seconds flat…. there are SO MANY ERRORS. Read more »