• 22Sep
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    Old church gateway, originally uploaded by Light Reflections.

    Just trying out this link from Flickr. Last weekend we took a trip to the pretty village of Sway in the New Forest. We walked around the country lanes, ate a gorgeous lunch (brocolli and stilton soup, mmm!) at the Hare & Hounds pub and found this pretty little church.

  • 14Sep

    peanut.jpgI’ve started small here, no longer buying peanut butter that has palm oil in. For years I loved Sunpat but after looking in health food shops found Meridian’s wonderful range of nut spreads with nothing added except a little salt (less than 1%) if you want. The crunchy peanut butter is to die for, I can’t believe it is purely peanuts, no added ingredients!! Practically all other companies add an emulsifier to avoid separation, usually palm oil, but we can all stir it before spreading — we aren’t that lazy yet are we?! Read more »

  • 12Sep


    September 19th — next Wednesday — be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! This be yer one-week reminder.

    The big news this year, matey, be that they be raisin’ money fer Marie Curie Cancer Care again – wi’ a PIRATE DAY CHARITY SINGLE! They be registered fer the charts an’ everythin’, an’ if yer fancy downloadin’ a copy, they should be sailin’ straight fer the Top 40! Ye can have a listen t’ “On A Pirate Ship”, by Jay Foreman feat. Mad Cap’n Tom, an’ watch the fantastic video here – an’ ye can pre-order a copy right now, it be just 79p, at www.indiestore.com/pirate

    For more information yer better visit the Talk Like a Pirate Day UK website me hearties.

  • 05Sep
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    removalssmall.JPGWe moved from Guildford to Bournemouth two weeks ago and this was taken from our window whilst the van was being loaded, in between madly getting the place clean before leaving for good! It’s just as well you can’t fit in your head all there is to do for a house move, the best thing is to take it a step at a time or you’d never sleep. If you want any packing or moving tips just ask, I’m sure I could write a book on the subject now.

    We thought we were extremely organised and started clearing the loft plus getting rid of stuff months ago. Perhaps we were too smug, the last 2 days before move day were completely manic, non-stop box making and filling. It didn’t help that we only exchanged on the Wednesday (after weeks of expectation) when we were set to move the following Tuesday. A big sigh of relief when it all came together with no plans needing to be changed. Read more »

  • 20Jul
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    quickveglasagne.jpgAnother recipe post as this was such a delicious and easy to prepare vege lasagne so I thought I’d share it. Not exactly low in fat but very filling.

    It can be simplified further and adapted easily and I’ve mentioned a couple of things I changed below. Read more »

  • 17Jul
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    1.jpgTried this recipe last night and will definitely do again – quick, not too many ingredients, absolutely delicious. I served as a main course with salad and garlic ciabatta bread and found it very filling. Read more »