• 16Jul

    I have to mention the inefficiency of this company, they don’t know the meaning of the words “customer service” and are the worst service provider we’ve ever dealt with. Tim has spent far too much time over the past month on the phone to them, trying to get some service, and both of us have spent nearly as much time trying (and failing) to watch the On Demand or Freeview programmes. Read more »

  • 13Jul
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    skye.jpgLast Thursday evening we went to see Skye Edwards (who previously sang with Morcheeba) at The Jazz Café in Camden Town. I’d been to the venue once before to see Judie Tzuke 10 years ago and, having only previously been to stadium concerts, I loved the intimate feel of the much smaller event.

    I discovered Morcheeba quite late on but was immediately impressed by Skye’s vocal talents. I first saw her in conversation last year on “Faith and Music” (ITV1). A brilliant biographical programme discussing vocal artists spiritual beliefs, exploring their back catalog of songs and including a new live performance. She was immediately engaging, her voice so pure and beautiful – I rushed out immediately to buy her new solo album “Mind How You Go”. Read more »

  • 13Jul
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    harrisonfordpicture.jpgI just wanted to mark the occasion of Harrison Ford‘s 65th Birthday with a post and to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He’s been a favourite actor of mine for as long as I can remember and I find it hard to believe that the great man has reached this distinguished age. Long may you continue giving us truly exceptional performances – I am looking forward to both “Crossing Over” and the long anticipated fourth instalment of Indiana Jones.

  • 08Jun

    foxtons_landscape2.gifI promised myself I wouldn’t write too many moany entries about things I’d like to put right in the world and things that really annoy me. I’m afraid this is one last big final moan though as Foxtons take the biscuit… today being the final straw. Read more »

  • 18May
    Categories: Movies & TV Comments Off on De Niro & Pacino to star together again

    deniro_paci88610837.jpgI was thrilled to read that Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are to star together in another film – this will be only the second time they’ve appeared on screen together which seems unbelievable.

    The first occasion was for the 1995 film “Heat” in which they only shared two scenes. They were in both in The Godfather Part II but their characters never met on screen. It will be fantastic to see these truly great actors of our time appearing together throughout a film. According to Variety Magazine the crime thriller will be called “Righteous Kill” in which they will play two police investigators hunting a serial killer. Let’s hope the script can rise to this monumental task!

  • 18May

    goldblendhalfcafflogo.jpgI saw this advertised on TV yesterday and wondered if they were having a laugh. Who came up with this idea? Is it Half Caff or Half De-Caff?? Why not buy a jar of the full and a jar of the decaffeinated coffee and use half a teaspoon of each? It uses pure water – does this indicate that the other coffees in their range don’t? There are also not one but TWO new half caff coffees to choose from, either “Original Half Caff” or “Gold Blend Half Caff”.

    Aren’t we spoilt for choice and baffled enough by the range and labelling of products already? Come on, isn’t this going a wee bit too far. Read more »