One page of scrap paper left

For some time now I’ve been collecting single-sided paper (pages that are blank on one side, not some sort of Möbius stationery). I don’t mean I put them in albums. I collect them to re-use. There are kindly people in my neighbourhood that deliver one-sided paper straight to our door — usually estate agents trying to get us to sell our house — and of course we often get junk mail that includes usable paper for printing on the back of.

All of these sheets end up feeding the least reliable of the printers in the house. It’s the one that adds its own arty ink-stains to the pages it prints on, much like those car spray-painting machines in the Picasso advert (except it doesn’t clean up the page afterwards). Still, the results are legible for now.

At one time there was so much single-sided paper to print on that it would not all fit in the input tray, and the rest had to go in a draw. But now there is just a single page left.

Perhaps the next post will bring me more.

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