Hustle: the con is over?

HustleI hate to say it, but top-notch BBC con-men series Hustle has had its day. I’d been looking forward to the new series ever since the previous series ended, but with the departure of Adrian Lester it’s not the same show at all. This series’ episodes so far have been missing finesse, and I think it’s down to trying to make Danny Blue the new leader of the crew.

He’s just a bit too irritating. I don’t think it’s Marc Warren‘s fault as such because Danny’s character has always been a bit like that. It’s just that the whole idea of the show is that it all comes together in the end, even when it looks like it’s gone wrong. Stacey Monroe said so in the first episode, and Danny took offense — but she was absolutely right.

I’ll keep watching, I suppose, in case it gets any better. But I said the same thing about Doctor Who, and it didn’t.

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