Other people’s rubbish

Communal bins can be a pain. Round here, there are bins for recycling and bins for “normal” (non-recyclable) rubbish, and the bin collectors are particularly picky — if they spot anything that has been sorted incorrectly they will just leave it the whole bin. One of the households sharing the bins mistook the “normal” rubbish bin for the recycling bin (they’re new), and started putting bottles, cans, bits of paper etc in it, leaving me with no room for my bag of “normal” rubbish.

So I’ve just finished emptying it out into the correct bin to make sure the bin men take it (sigh). But now, I know exactly whose rubbish it is (from addresses and names), and if I’d wanted to I could have read through their bank statements.

Buy a shredder! And put your rubbish in the right bin!  (Yes, you.  You know who you are.)