Month: October 2013

  • lp on bonfire (Printing Test Day)

    Next Tuesday (5th of November — should be easy to remember) is the Printing Test Day for Fedora 20. Let’s all try to break printing at the same time in strange and unusual ways! If you have access to a printer that day, take a look at the Test Day page for instructions on the […]

  • CUPS: adding support for system journal

    I’ve added a patch to CUPS in Fedora rawhide which uses the system journal for logging. I did this after watching Lennart’s devconf talk, which reminded me how awesome the systemd Journal is. The changes are very simple at the moment: any log message relating to a particular job has a field “CUPS_JOB_ID” to say […]

  • Did someone say… “Alpha”?

    Fedora 20 Alpha has been released, and I’d been putting off installing it because I know how troublesome an alpha release can be. This one, though, is the best alpha release of Fedora I can remember! It actually seems incrementally better than Fedora 19, rather than the traditional break-everything-and-fix-it-again-later alpha releases we’ve seen in the […]