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  <title>The Selfdocbook itself</title>

  <para>The &sdb; is a self-documenting introduction to DocBook DocBook
   book.  It includes its own DocBook SGML source in the <link
   linkend="source">appendix</link>, and so can be used to learn
   DocBook by example.</para>

  <para>You can get a copy of the &sdb; in various ways; presumably you
   already know one of them since you are reading the &sdb; right now.
   Here are the choices:</para>

    <para>View it using a web browser, by pointing it to the <ulink
     >&sdb; web page</ulink>.</para>

    <para>Grab the <ulink
     version</ulink>, ready to print out.</para>

    <para>Download the <ulink
     version</ulink>, if that's your preferred format.</para>

    <para>Fetch the <ulink
     SGML source</ulink> and build it.</para>

  <para>You can use the &sdb; to learn DocBook by example: if you see
   something that you want to know how to do, you can simply flip to
   <xref linkend="source"> to find out how it is done.</para>

  <para>I learned DocBook from the excellent book <citetitle>DocBook:
   The Definitive Guide</citetitle> by O'Reilly Associates,
   also <ulink url="">available
   online</ulink>.  It is probably a good idea to have a glance
   through that in order to get more of an overview than this book

  <para>This &sdb; was built on &builddate;.</para>

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