ieee1284_ref, ieee1284_unref — modify a port's reference count


#include <ieee1284.h>
int ieee1284_ref(port); 
struct parport * port;
int ieee1284_unref(port); 
struct parport * port;


If you want to free the port list from ieee1284_find_ports but open one of the ports later on, you will need to prevent it from being destroyed in ieee1284_free_ports. Each port has a reference count, and you can use ieee1284_ref to increment it and ieee1284_unref to decrement it.

If you use ieee1284_ref at any stage, you must later call ieee1284_unref to relinquish the extra reference. If you do not do this, the resources associated with the port will not be cleaned up.

If you have not previously used ieee1284_ref on a port, you must not use ieee1284_unref on it.

Return value

These functions return the number of references held after the increment or decrement.

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