[PARPORT] Re: [patch] ieee1284 nibble mode

Philip Blundell (philb@gnu.org)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 22:59:04 +0100

>There's a lot of mess in the ieee1284 detection (I never took a look at it
>before today). The _main_ problem is that only free specs I found is at
>http://www.fapo.com/ and disagree in many points with the official kernel
>code and with the new IEEE1284 patches from Tim. And the specs itself
>looks not trustable since it's buggy in some points. Ah and please Tim and
>Carsten ignore my previous patch I sent to you to try out because I did
>not understood the mess of nSIGNAL which logical level is reversed from
>the graphics I found on the web.

Please read the specs before you start hacking with the code. A lot of this
stuff is quite delicate. You can buy the specification from IEEE or your
local distributor. If the documentation you have "looks not trustable" then
it doesn't sound like a good idea to base kernel modifications on it.


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