[PARPORT] Iomega Zip 250MB Drives

Neil Zanella (nzanella@cs.mun.ca)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 16:16:17 -0330 (NST)


Just a quick question...

Are the Iomega 250MB Zip Drives supported at all under Linux?

I have followed the instructions of the Zip-Drive HOWTO with no

success on kernel 2.0.36 with ppa driver version 1.42.

I have also tried the imm driver at http://www.torque.net/~campbell/

for the Zip Plus but I don't think that it's relevant to the Zip250 drive.

I wonder if support for the Zip250 is included in kernel 2.2.0.

I am downloading that kernel now.

Please let me know whether support is being developed for the Zip250 drive.

After all, the Zip250 drive also works with 100MB floppies so there

must be a hack out there that lets it operate in 100MB mode (maybe).

Thanks for developing the ppa and imm drivers,

Neil Zanella

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