[PARPORT] Re: Philips CDD 3610 - paralell

Wed, 3 Feb 1999 18:19:17 -0500 (EST)

> 1. Is it possible to copy CD to CD??

In principle, yes, but the practicalities will depend on the speed
of your computer, the settings of your parallel port, and other
less predictable factors.

> Redhat 5.2
> Kernel 2.0.36
> Two paralell-port: lpr0 for CDD 3610 and lpr2 for my printer

Make sure that the port you use for the CD-R is set to EPP mode.

> 2. What kind of support do I need to compile inn to my kernel?

> Generic-SCSI as module, direct or none.
> SCSI-emulation as module, direct or none

The first two are not required to support cdrecord on pg. You might
need them for other reasons if you want to use some special program
with your IDE CD-ROM.

> ATAPI-CDrom support as module, direct or none

You'll need this for the internal CD-ROM, but it is not required for
the pg device.

> 3. Then I must make some kind of image on the HD for burning CD's. ?
> I dont now how yet, but I figure that out later.

That's pretty easy. Use dd.

> 4. Insmod paride, epat and pcd for reading and pg for writing??
> I have tried to load pg and pcd but then a error say:
> ......is busy, is already loaded an module.

We can't help with problems when you make up the error messages. Please
be precise and quote them _exactly_. Read linux/Documentation/paride.txt
for details on how to report problems.

Most likely you didn't understand that on 2.0 kernels it is not possible to
load both pcd and pg at the same time. You have to remove one to load the

> 5. When I type insmod pg the light on my drive flash so something is happend.
> But when I use cdrecord -scanbus, nothing is happend

Work from your console and load pg with the command

        insmod pg verbose=2

when you run cdrecord -scanbus , does pg report receiving any commands ?
If not, you don't have cdrecord built with pg support. You must have
a correctly configured kernel source tree - in particular, the file


must exist, or cdrecord will _not_ use the pg interface.
Grant R. Guenther grant@torque.net

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