[PARPORT] Winbond detection utility

David Campbell (campbell@torque.net)
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 08:38:19 +0800

Attached is a little utility to peek at the config registers of a
Winbond W83977 IO chipset (specifically the parallel port config
registers). Use " cc -O2 -Wall winbond.c -o winbond" to compile and
"./winbond" to run.

I would be interested in hearing the results of this utility,
especially for machines NOT containing Winbond IO chipsets to see if
the magic sequences used lock up someones hardware.

I intend to use this code in the kernel to avoid the "black magic"
that is currently used (the "id_probe" utility fails to properly
detect EPP for my Winbond chipset, eg ECP is detected as ECP+EPP
while ECP+EPP-1.7 is detected as ECP only).

David Campbell
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     Date: 6 Feb 1999, 22:45
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