[PARPORT] isdn parport adapter

Alexander Lipponer (lipponer@awi3115.awi.uni-heidelberg.de)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:27:39 +0100

Sorry for the same mail a second time, but we had a mailer problem here
and possibly I missed the answers to my problem here on the list.


I'd like to buy the Sedlbauer ISDN-pocket-adapter called speed box.
I have Debian 2.1 here with Kernel 2.0.35.

Is there any support for that under Linux? If not I have to buy an
PCMCIA adapter which is both more expensive and not suitable for a
desktop PC.

If support is there, is someone out there who uses that adapter and can
tell me about his experiences?

Alexander Lipponer - DH 9 IAL
Department of Economics - University of Heidelberg

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