[PARPORT] HP7200e and audio CD's

Gernot Kerschbaumer (e9018967@student.tuwien.ac.at)
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 01:50:10 +0100

>pcd in 2.0 kernels does not include support for the audio play ioctls.
>This is mentioned in Documentation/paride.txt.

>Upgrade to 2.2.

hi grant,

i've now upgraded to 2.2.1. are there special procedures for playing
audio cd's? i still can't get them playing.
when i want to play using cdtool-2.1.5, i get the following response (using
the pcd module):

GoodNight:/usr/src/cdtool-2.1.5# cdstart
cdstart: ioctl cdromplaytrkind

what does this mean? and what is neccessary to get it to work (i hope not
upgrade to 2.4.)?


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