[PARPORT] installing linux on an AlphaStation 200

Mahesh Madhav (mjm@sanitarium.harkness.brown.edu)
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 02:16:42 -0500

Hey folks. I am wondering if it is possible to install redhat through
the parallel port on an AS/200. The distribution would be on a
1 Gig disk in my SparQ drive. I remember someone putting out a boot
disk for intel.. who was that? Is it hard to make the same deal
happen for an alpha, or does MILO like to perk up and complain?

Also, if it is possible, what partition type would the SparQ disk need
to be? vfat? ext2? i guess it depends on the kernel that is on the disk?

I did not see anything pertaining to (alpha && installing linux) in
the archive. :/


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