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Email removal 800-771-2003,
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"Prior to signing on with Traffic Accelerator,
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Lycos despite the fact I was submitting my site
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Traffic Accelerator not only submitted my site
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M Jadon
V.P. Sales and Marketing


"In tracking our web site volume over the past
several months, I have noticed a definite increase
in orders. We have more than tripled our web site
orders and guest book submissions from November
(the lowest) to February (the highest). Also, we
are not receiving messages that we are hard to
locate anymore. We think that staying actively
placed on the search engines by your company is
a big plus to our exposure!!"

B Tate
The Stitchin' Post


Yes, it's true, you submitted my web site,
through your search engine. We are a company
which sells beanie baby accessories such as tag
preservers, acrylic boxes, and other such products
via the internet. As you know, the web has recently
become synonymous with the beanie baby phenomena,
with people paying several thousand dollars for
"hot" and "hard to find" beanies.

We have typically attracted a couple of hundred
people a day to our site to look at our products.
We have always relied on putting up costly banners
on sites and currently display our banner on
over 100 different sites and home pages. Once I
started looking at how much we pay for these
banner placements, that's when I decided to respond
to one of those search engine campaigns.

I signed up ... and, much to my surprise, my number
of hits actually jumped by more than 50% afterwards,
attracting several hundred more hits per day than
before. I was actually shocked as, to be honest, I
thought your services were some kind of promise the
world scams. I stand corrected and will continue
to use your services in the future. You provide an
excellent value to companies doing business on the web.

Thank you again.
H Greenspan


"I was pretty skeptical about the kind of results
I would get with your services. We here a The
Ramapo Riverview On-Line Art Gallery & Gift Shop
had tried many forms of advertising that would
get us results. (We are a) small esoteric
art gallery featuring art, crafts and gifts from
emerging artists for exhibition, viewing and for
sale, so it is a very small niche we serve.

We have spent $$$$$$ thousands on Cable TV, on-line
banners, etc., etc. But we got ACTION with your
(Traffic Accelerator) services. We doubled our
average hits per month and we have been breaking
'hit' highs by 4% each month since reaching this
new plateau. We are now at 25,000 per month.

Keep up the good work ... so that Liebermanart.com
continues to grow. Our goal is 100,000 hits per
month by next January 2000! We need your help."

B Lieberman


"I'll tell you what the most amazing thing that
has occurred in my opinion is that within the
last few months, we've sent out orders to Guam,
Ireland, Hawaii several times, South Dakota,
Hong Kong, and others. These leads were all because
of our exposure over the internet.

Thank you and we look forward to more business in
the future."

Multi-Craft Plastics


"...Best of all, I have gotten several compliments
from competitors and colleagues regarding my site
coming up in the Top Ten when they search for
"centrifuges." This gives me credibility in the
eyes of customers and industry folks alike.

.. I am pleased with the exposure I have received
thus far. I have recommended (your firm) to others
and will continue to do so...

B Sanders, Owner
Sanders Equipment Company


"... Based on the satisfaction of our first contact
with your firm we signed up to have you submit our
web site to the various search engines. Prior to
doing this we had difficulty obtaining search engine
listings and consequently we received little response
to our web site.

In a matter of several weeks we began receiving
product inquires, catalog requests, and even orders
on a daily basis. I can't say we are being overwhelmed
but each week the email traffic has improved to
where it has become a profitable part of our business.

One other thing I appreciate is the responses we
receive from search engines indicating our web site
has been submitted for listing. This indicates to me
you have not forgotten us."

B Blanc
CASTINGS, A Div. of REB toys, Inc.


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