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Fri, 12 Mar 1999 08:10:30 -0500 (EST)

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> Can ____ANYONE___ tell me, why SO MANY people mix-up the adresses?
> I mean, is this a bug in the majordomo that re-routes a mail to
> "> "linux-parport-request@..." to "> "linux-parport-request@..." to "linux-parport@..." ???
> Or does the greating-mail "Hello! From now on you'll receive this
> list" contain some kind of wrong information about these adresses???

There's nothing wrong with majordomo in this regard.

It's been a problem with mailing lists for many years. I think the
weekly war over "unsubscribe" messages was the eventual death of the
old unix-wizards mailing list.

Majordomo has some features that attempt to catch and reroute these
messages - but they make my life that much harder because all sorts
of genuine messages get redirected to me for approval.

I have no good explanation of how some confirmation responses get
sent back to the list as a whole, except that the subscriber simply
didn't read the message.

Considering the number of messages I get from Windows users wanting
me to replace their lost driver disks, there are a _lot_ of people
using the web who can't actually read.

And one other observation: I also run the linux-syquest mailing list.
It gets about one message a month. Whenever there is a posting, there
will be an "unsubscribe" message on the list a day later from somebody.
Then the next day there will be half a dozen "me too" unsubscribes, all
sent to the list. Monkey see, monkey do.

Grant R. Guenther

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