Re: [PARPORT] Shuttle EPST module and 2048 bytes/sector

Alan Cox (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 20:43:44 +0000 (GMT)

> If any use this?
> I'm use Fujitsu MO M2513A. It's work fine with 512 bytes/sector disk,
> but not 2048 b/s.

You want a 2.2.2 or higher kernel to handle the bigger disks


SCSI Magneto Optical Disks:
        512 byte/block media: Linux 2.0
        2048 byte/block media: Linux 2.2.2 or 2.0 + patches

The devices behave as a removable media scsi device. With older kernels a
patch is needed to cope with 2048 byte media.

IDE Magneto Optical Disks:
        All Linux 2.2.2 or higher

The IDE devices use ATAPI packet commands and are effectively SCSI like.
Because of this they use the Linux "ide-scsi" driver to map the ATAPI
interfaces. Use a kernel with both IDE and ide-scsi support.

When you load the ide-scsi module the kernel will report the device as a
SCSI device and number it as a scsi disk. That is sda for the first disk
sdb for the second and so on. All the normal SCSI notes then apply.


fdisk. To partition media with 2048 byte sectors you need at least
                util-linux-2.9i. Run fdisk with the option "-b 2048".

mke2fs Again for 2048 byte sector media use the "-b 2048" option
                when making Linux filesystems.

scsiformat This will format M/O cartridges as well as anything else.

With later versions of the tools the option is not needed, but giving it
will do no harm.

As of Linux 2.2.2 not all file systems support 2048 byte media. The DOS
variant file systems and the native Linux ext2fs are supported.

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