[PARPORT] Anyone successfully accessed a TransDisk 3000 with fit3.o???

ava (agranov@dcdu.com)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 17:18:37 -0500

I realize this is a fairly obscure piece of hardware, but hey, it's on
topic, right?

So yeah, I'm wondering if anyone has had any (good!) experience with
this little beast, since it is quite a handy little storage device.

Here's my spiel: I decided to build paride, fit3, and pg into the
kernel, making everything else for the paride subsystem modular. At
boot, pg's autoprobe fails to detect my TD3000 (yes, it's completely
EPP). Should I be using pd instead?

I have tried to manually load paride, fit3, and then pd, but I always
get "device or resource busy" with the load of pd. I have a feeling
that may have something to do with having the other pieces built into
the kernel.

I think next I'll try making everything in the paride subsystem modular,
and then trying to use pd instead of pg.

Any thoughts? advice? biscuits?


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