John Cumming (johncumming@usa.net)
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 14:48:49 -0800

>Following Tim Waugh's advice, I started linux with lp=0x378, forcing
the printer driver to leave alone the port my Zip drive was on. It looks
like the ppa driver actually got a nibble, but it doesn't look health.
Now what? How do I mount this thing? I note that the capacity is given
as 1 GB, when it's only a 100 mb Zip.
>The following is from /var/log/messages:

Belay that. I forgot to define the MIO address as hex, driving the
process to distraction. Now ppa comes up correctly. So, how do I mount
the zip drive? I can't come up with a proper file type for the mount.

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